Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Big Boy

Joshua is really growing up - can't believe he will be 5 this year. He says some pretty funny stuff and I wish I remembered to write it all down but I am trying to get it on this blog so I can have it for years to come. So a few days ago he had a gymnastics class - this was the first in a new set of classes. He has moved up to a new class this time so they are doing more challenging activities. As I watched his class I could see he was a little timid of some of the things the instructor was having them do. When he came out I asked him how he liked the class and he said "some of that stuff is a little dangerous mom."

What else does Joshua enjoy doing? Anything Chris likes. So this time of year he is all about duck hunting he has his own duck call and loves to go out on boat rides with Chris to look for ducks. Now he has never actually been hunting but he loves it...haha.